To the Editor,

I take my electronic “pen” in hand to write the following words of praise for the Spring Valley Rest Home. First I want to thank the Home’s Administrator, Mrs. Myrna Daos, for allowing me to live under the home’s roof. When few other facilities would consider me, Myrna gave me a chance.

The staff of Spring Valley Rest Home are so kind to all of us residents, and my peers are so very wonderful. The staff here are so beautiful and are so good to all of us. They do so much, and show so much caring and love. They are so totally dedicated to all of us. My peers here are wonderful people. They are the brothers and sisters that God chose not to give me through biology.

My caregivers, as well as my peers, satisfy my physical and emotional needs. I wish I could give all of them a big warm hug every and each single day. Everyone here is so wonderful, so warm and so beautiful. If I could make the decision of whether to spend the remainder of my days living alone in a mansion, or with my caregivers and peers here at the Spring Valley Rest Home, I would continue to live here with my “family” at Spring Valley Rest Home.

All yours,

Edward Branca
Spring Valley Rest Home

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