O&R Dredging Work in Progress at Nyack MGP Clean Up Site

unnamedPEARL RIVER, N.Y. Oct. 17, 2014 — O&R is performing dredging operations in the Hudson River as part of the final phase of the Company’s project to clean up the coal tar residue at the former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site at 55 Gedney Street in the village of Nyack.

To watch a video about the project go to http://www.oru.com/aboutoru/news/2014101701.html

The plant, which extracted gas for lighting and cooking from coal and oil, was owned by a predecessor company of O&R. The predecessor company closed its doors over 50 years ago.

River sediments containing coal tar are being dredged up and trucked to an approved off-site treatment/disposal facility. Through mid-November, dredging work will extend approximately 150 feet into the river. Before the sediments are trucked off site, they are drained and treated with kiln dust to dry them out for transport.

The management of the sediments is taking place under a large, tent-like, fabric structure equipped with an air-handling and carbon-filter air treatment system. These air-handling devices are shrouded with sound-dampening equipment. The temporary structure is approximately 68 feet wide, 82 feet long and 29 feet high.

Real-time air monitoring will continue to be conducted on a 24-hour, seven-day per week basis at key perimeter points to ensure that air monitoring criteria are met and that odor mitigation steps can be taken if needed.

During the just-completed part of the project, O&R solidified the coal tar residue located in soils along the river and entombed these impacts underground.

Currently, O&R estimates that approximately 19,500 tons of soil and sediment will be trucked out for disposal and about 6,850 cubic yards of soil has been solidified to entomb remaining coal tar residue.

The project is due to be completed by the end of this year.

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