My Top 9 TV shows that you can get on demand or Net Flix


As if there isn’t enough to watch. Right? Here are the Top 9 you can find On Demand or Net Flix. Don’t think of these as merely suggestions, these are the shows you Have To put on your bucket list. A word of advice: use your subtitles when watching the British picks. We may speak the same the language but I am usually baffled like a “sodded gooseberry,” if I can’t read what they are saying.

9-Luther- Men and women both can’t stop watching because of these two words – Idris Elba. You can thank me later. Don’t get all technical about the story. It’s action. It’s fun. It’s habit forming.

8-Happy Valley – It’s like the British version of CSI except in England ALL actors are great and you don’t feel guilty watching it. You actually feel more cultured and smarter.

7-The Killing—(the American version although I have heard the Danish version is great as well) You don’t watch it for the female lead unless chapped lips and people who can’t move their necks fascinate you. You watch it for the complex relationships these two characters have. They take murder of juveniles very seriously…and you watch it for Joel Kinnaman. He’s Swedish but you’d never know it. He speaks perfect American English and he’s very cool about it.

6-Fargo—What?! A classic movie gets turned into a TV show? Hmmmmm….This was such a major surprise! I loooved it! Billy Bob Thornton killed it! But then again so did Alison Solman, Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk. And being a Midwestern girl I sure do love me some Fargo accents. So many twists and turns you won’t want the ride to end. “Oh my!” (said in my best North Dakota accent).

5-Breaking Bad—I didn’t want to like it. I assumed it was overrated. It’s underrated! People say it’s good. People say it’s great. They say it’s the best thing that’s ever been on TV. They are wrong. It’s better than that! I swear. Brian Cranston is like the Meryl Streep of television. There may not be one likable character on the show-it’s ture, they all kind of bug you- but that won’t stop you from becoming a diehard addict.

4-Last Tango In Halifax— A delicious drama about a senior couple who meet up after 55 years. Both widowers now they rediscover each other corresponding on Facebook and soon want to marry.. Their adult children aren’t sure what to think of the pending nuptials and are distracted with their own misguided lives. This is the pursuit of happiness at it’s finest. A beautifully nuanced British family drama which in the US would tilt into a formulaic-blah soap opera.. But Last Tango never does.

3-House Of Cards—Pass. Feels like a homework assignment and it’s very depressing to watch sociopaths rise to the top of the food chain. I feel dirty when I watch it and I don’t like having to shower more than I do already.

2-Arrested Development—Probably the funniest, cleverest, most inventive show ever. It’s kooky. Quirky. Skip your Prozac – watching it is an anti-depressant. Veep—OMG Julia Louis Dreyfus! She’s a potty -mouthed VP that you can’t help but totally love. It’s fast paced and every punch hits. The rhythm, chemistry, and grace of this cast is like watching Cirque Du Soliel perform all those jaw-dropping complicated acrobatics .

1-Episodes—Why this show about a show isn’t one of the biggest comedy hits on TV is beyond me. A British couple who have developed a very sophisticated hit sitcom in England, Lyman’s Boys, about a headmaster of a boarding school and his students, are wooed over by Hollywood to recreate it for an American audience. Of course Hollywood turns this poignant comedy into a show about a highschool hockey coach called “Pucks.” Oh, and they insist that Matt LeBlanc play the lead. The TV duo are reluctantly seduced into staying to finish one season of this complete and utter embarrassment. Matt is absolutely hilarious, I mean he is really good, as well as the rest of this brilliant cast. You’ll want to binge on the 3 seasons from Showtime. Every one I recommend this show to can’t stop once they start. Let the binging begin….

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