Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Places to Meet Single People


Recently on Twitter I posted, “How many bad decisions are u gonna make until I become one? ← The way online dating sites should really advertise.” And I got many responses. The one question I got was, “What are the other options?” So, I researched some places and came up with a list of 20 places to meet singles. The only thing I will warn is, when you meet someone, whether in person or online, never assume that they are single. So, don’t be embarrassed to ask if you aren’t sure.

20 Places to meet singles

1 – Coffee Shops – This is one of the hottest spots to meet people.

2- Bars – The good old bar is still a top place. And today, bars are also becoming restaurant-like, serving food, having DJ’s on Saturday Nights, etc. It’s now a cool place to be.

3- Book Stores/ Book Readings – This is also a new upcoming place to meet people. Go and have an intellectual conversation with people, network and see what’s out there.

4- Libraries – Another spot for guys and gals who are interested in knowledge.

5- Join a Sports League or Coach Youth Sports – This is where I met a great guy, so yeah, it happens!

6- An Art Gallery – If you are into Art and Museums, then you would like to meet someone with the same interest as you.

7- The Gym – All the buff guys are here! If you dream about being with a guy with Abs like Ryan Gosling, then the gym is your place to meet them. (And the ladies who want to look good naked and who are concerned about their health are here too!)

8- The Movie Theater – This is why is pays to go to the movies alone. Someone can sit next to you and well, the rest is history.

9- Take A Class At A College – A College Campus (Duh!) Take a class and you’ll learn some new knowledge and meet some really cute new people too!

10- The Park- A great place to meet people is not only a people park but also a dog park. Just bring a dog with you to the dog park or you’ll really stand out.

11- Go On Vacation – Taking a solo vacation has its pluses and one of them is the fact that you will be able to socialize without your friends embarrassing the heck out of you!

12- Take a Cooking Class- This is a great idea for the guys.

13- Zumba – You could learn some new dance moves plus get fit!

14- A Concert – Now, no one likes to go to a concert alone, but even if you are with friends, you can still meet people.

15- Flea Market or Street Fair- A lot of people go to street fairs each year. It’s a great time plus you are outdoors, and you could meet some fun people!

16- The Grocery Store – Yes, the grocery store. It really is a “meat” market.

17- 5K or Marathon Races- Not only will you meet some people who want to stay in shape, enjoy being outside, but you can meet some good looking folks who have passion, because being a runner is all about that: passion.

18- Join a Political Campaign- If politics are your thing, then branch out.

19- The Laundromat- Yes, this is still a great place to meet singles.

20- Chuck- E- Cheese or other Kids Places Yes, you read that right. If you want to date single dads or single moms, this is the place. The only thing I would tell you would be to make sure you actually BRING a kid to this place, like a nephew, niece, or a friend’s kid. (You don’t want to look like you are a predator)

The point is, all I hear are single people complaining, “There are no good guys out there, and the only option is online dating!” When that is full of crap! There are MANY decent guys and sweet gals to meet out there, but if all you are doing is complaining, maybe the truth is that you don’t want a relationship. Which is okay. But don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family that as well!

You can meet anyone, at anytime, anywhere. That is the point. Life is happening as you read this. If you keep looking back at the one who doesn’t deserve you, you may miss the one you deserve. Don’t just look for someone to “hang out with” or “just have fun with,” look for that person who is going to make you want to be a better person. Someone who you feel that connection with and someone who you aren’t afraid to be yourself around because they accept your flaws, dreams, mistakes, and everything in between. I said it last week and I will say it again: You cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump.

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