Liam finds more trouble

liamYoung Liam Russell finds himself in trouble yet again.

In June he was charged with stealing $300 cash from an exotic dancer at Stiletto’s in Nanuet. This time the charges are more severe.

Nineteen-year-old Russell is accused of drunk driving Wednesday morning and dragging a police officer 40 yards down the road. According to Orangetown PD it all started when Russell was spotted parked with a large gash over his eye. An officer attempted to persuade Russell to go to the hospital, but an argument ensued and soon the officer found himself stuck in the driver’s window attempting to turn off the ignition of Russell’s 2001 Camry.

Before the officer knew it, the car was speeding toward Blauvelt Road, with him still in the window. The officer fell from the vehicle and tumbled, suffering arm, back and neck injuries. Russell then parked on a lawn and proceeded to struggle with another officer, before receiving a shock from a taser gun and finally being restrained.

Russell faces charges of second-degree assault and first-degree reckless endangerment on top of his grand larceny charges from back in June.

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