Despite campaign statements to the contrary, Senator David Carlucci has decided to remain a part of the the five-member Independent Democratic Conference, a coterie of Dems who caucus with Republicans.

“The people of my district care about results, they care about governing, and they care that their elected officials are motivated by ideas and not politics,” Carlucci told Capital, an Albany-based publication. “I will continue to work with with my colleagues in the I.D.C. to help the people in my district.”

Democratic leaders complained that Carlucci told them in June he would leave the IDC regardless of the 2014 election results, and that the IDC would not caucus with Republicans next year, regardless. This promise helped Carlucci and other renegade Dems avoid primaries.

However, with the Republicans taking sole control of the Senate and no longer needing any Democratic help to form a majority, Carlucci and friends may have thought better of their idea.

The IDC has also appeared to hold the favor of Governor Cuomo, who some observers claim is more comfortable with the Republicans in control of the Senate than the Democrats. Cuomo had also made a big show of supporting a new Democratic majority caucus in the Senate, but then promptly failed to campaign for swing seats and allowed a GOP avalanche in the November election, a strategy for which he was rewarded for by GOP Senate leader Dean Skelos. The Senate powerhouse Skelos failed to support GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, campaign manager Michael Lawler recently informed New York City media.

Clarkstown Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner had strongly considered challenging Carlucci in a primary due to his IDC stripes. The incumbent Carlucci ended up defeating Republican Donna Held 70 – 30 percent in the general election.

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