To the Editor,

I am writing in support of my dear friend, Roberta Doremus, of Tallman. So much has been said publicly that does not show the true Roberta. This woman has devoted herself to her husband through good times and not. She has raised upstanding children whom she adores, along with her grandchildren. She served her job for decades and retired with accolades. Roberta has volunteered continuously in our community, as has her husband and children. She does not seek compensation or fame. That is just the type of person she is, a truly honorable lady. I am in a couple of volunteer organizations with her, where she has held different roles from member, to treasurer, to president. Noone has questioned her work or her books. In fact, when she was audited annually at one in which she was treasurer, each audit gave the highest standards for her skills and accuracy. She has stood by her friends too, such as when they were ill or injured; she would drive them places, cook or clean as needed, including me during my husband’s illness. There should be more people on this earth like Roberta Doremus. I count myself blessed that she is my friend! Two words to describe Roberta Doremus: honorable lady.

Joyce Browne

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