Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: In 2014 I Lived


As I look back on 2014, I look back with smiles, tears and cheers. And instead of just giving everyone some advice or something to think about, as I always do each week. I decided to be more personal and raw about the highlights of my life in 2014.  There was so many different things that happened in this year, that I probably could write a book about, but knowing that I only have a page to do it in, I present to you my “milestones” from 2014:

1. I’ll start off by remembering something that brought my family joy and that was my brother’s wedding. I not only gained a sister-in-law, I gained a sister who I love so much! Also my best friend got married too!

2.  One professional milestone was starting to write for RantDating, having my blog post featured on Blogher and also starting to do PR for Blogher and companies via my Twitter.

3. Another professional milestone was receiving my first checks from Amazon for the sale of my book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” as well as from bookstores in different states.

4. Hitting 1700 subscribers for my dating blog. And having thousands reads my tweets every day.

5. Another joy that my family shared was the engagement of my cousin with a wedding in 2015.

6. Coaching Basketball this year was not only fun but it brought new, exciting people and opportunities  in my life. One thing that it brought me was a love that is a work in progress. It’s like I have always believed and said, when you stop looking for love, that’s when it finds you. And what also finds you when you are not looking is friendship, which I found with people in 2014.

7. Teaching Preschool/PreK in 2014 has been the most fulfilling it has been in my 16 years of doing it!  Not only do I get the privilege of  being a child’s first teacher, but I get to watch them do things for the first time and be so proud of doing it! It’s an honor to be loved by so many children and appreciated by their families.

8.  Planning and enjoying my 20 year high school reunion this year and also having a 25th reunion dinner with some friends from grammar school was also a big highlight of 2014!

9. I ran two races this year where I finished in the top 100 out of 500 runners in the first race and I finished the 5 mile Turkey Trot in an hour.

10. The tears flowed when my brother’s best friend’s mom suddenly died and there were friends who also lost loved ones. My cousin’s mother-in- law also passed away.  Death, mostly sudden loss, always has a profound effect on me and makes me realize just how short life is and how we are to live our lives with no regrets.

So in closing, One chapter of my life has just finished and another chapter is about to begin. May your New Year flourish with new discoveries, wonderful inspirations, and happiness to fill your heart.

2015 will already bring some exciting news that I will post on Facebook January 1st

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