As 2015 is welcomed, Sesquicentennial Committee in Stony Point looks to plan events

unnamed (8)In December the Stony Point Town Board announced the creation of an official Sesquicentennial Committee. The county’s northernmost town marks its 150th anniversary this year.

Members so far include Susan Filgueras, president of the Stony Point Historical Society; Glen Chorba, whose father co-organized the centennial celebration; Dylan Skriloff, publisher and editor of the Rockland County Times; Kevin Metcalf, whose parents served on the centennial committee; Tom Schassler of the Palisades Interstate Park Historical Society; and Joe Robinson, who will be liaison to the Wayne Hose Fire Company.

The sesquicentennial will begin officially in March. Ideas and volunteers are welcomed as the committee seeks to map out an interesting year for local folks. If you wish to get involved contact town board members or any committee member. Dylan Skriloff can be reached at and Susan Filgueras at

The Rockland County Times has been read widely in Stony Point since 1888. Skriloff said, “This year the Rockland County Times will regularly publish stories about Stony Point history as well as help to promote Sesquicentennial events.”

The territory of Stony Point was originally part of the Town of Haverstraw. Due to changing economics and culture, Stony Point residents decided to found their own town in 1865, naming it after the famous Revolutionary War battlefield where General Anthony Wayne led a successful ambush against the British.

In 1965 the town enjoyed a spirited celebration of it centennial, featuring what was described at the time as the largest parade in Rockland County history.

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