As he rode on a bus to the funeral of Rafael Ramos, retired 84th Precinct NYPD Officer Matthew DeGennaro, a New City Fire Engine member, wrote these words, he shares with the Rockland community:

“Sitting on one of the NYPD buses on our way back from the coalition with the Ramos and 84th Precinct families. We are one family now, forever!

“This is the second time in three years we, the men and women of the 84, have had to board and ride the NYPD buses, as we sit in mourning, driving through a sea of blue, parted down the middle by the rank and file of 25,000 men and women in uniform. The tides of uniforms staring in respect and grief as the hearse, family and then the NYPD buses, the buses carrying a fallen cop’s closest comrades.

“I’ve been in the sea of blue too many times to mention, unfortunately. I’ve also sat and stared at the faces in the ranks while I rode on the buses. The bus view is the saddest view of all. It’s a view I pray that none of you in law enforcement ever have to take. This was my second time with that view and it breaks my cop-loving heart to say it won’t be my last. For sometime next week I and my former coworkers from the 84th will board these damn buses again to mourn our friend, my friend, our coworker Police Officer Wenjin Liu.

“And the streets of Brooklyn will turn into a sea of blue once again and that sea will part again as the procession passes and we at the 84 Precinct will ride those buses again and take in that amazing view of the sea of blue. I’m sure I speak for everyone at the 84 when I say THANK YOU. Thank you to the law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS and military personnel that out in a showing of support and grift as we mourned our friend Rafael. Thank you to the civilian New Yorkers, the real New Yorkers, who came out to support your police department.

God bless America! God bless the NYPD! God bless our first responders, firefighters, cops and military. God bless Brooklyn North’s 84th Precinct. And God bless officer Liu and Ramos.

Fidelis Ad Mortem.

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