To the Editor,

A group of concerned constituents announced the creation of an innovative movement called Haitian American Political Alliance For Change, HAPAC. The mission of HAPAC is to establish a growing Haitian American voting bloc throughout Rockland County and show our presence and participation in all political activities that might be of help to the community.

We are at this time recruiting Board and Committee members as well as delegates.

HAPAC is encouraging all For Profit, Non for Profit, business owners, churches and local residents to be involved in this grass root movement. To accomplish this mission HAPAC will need motivated minds as well as advices and ideas. HAPAC first community meeting was held on December 21st at the Hilton Inn in Nanuet NY with a great turnout and positive outcome.

We encourage you to be part of this great movement. For more information please call Lesly Senatus at 845-300-9760

Seema Roc

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