Forecast from Hudson Valley Weather dot com

-Winter Storm Watches in effect for all counties with the exception of Delaware County ———-Potential Impacts———- -Major to potentially historic Nor Easter will impact our region between Monday afternoon and Wednesday. -Storm will potentially spread blizzard conditions to parts of our region with extended periods of near zero visibility and blowing and drifting snow -Snowfall accumulations of 10″-20″+ are possible, especially across eastern counties. Snow drifts may exceed 4 feet in places -Power outages coupled with impassable roads and wind chills below zero may create dangerous conditions through Tuesday ———Details to be ironed out——— -The final track of this storm will have extreme impacts on our forecast, the European Model track brings historic snowfall to our region. The GFS model brings a major snowfall to the extreme eastern edge of our region, The NAM model barely scrapes our region with a light to moderate snowfall. The Canadian model brings heavy snowfall to our region. The European model is the furthest West with the track of this storm, it also loops the storm of the coast of Long Island, the NAM is the furthest east. The final track of this storm could be the difference between 30″ or snow or 6-12″ of snow. —————-Overview————— A storm system that has dived out of Canada will eventually redevelop somewhere of the NC coast and begin to head NE. It will go through explosive development and likely enter into the phase of bombogenisis as its central pressure drops 24+ MB’s in 24 hours. As this storm heads up the coast it will be throwing copious amounts of moisture into a very cold air mass in place across the region. It will also develop hurricane force winds across the eastern shores of New England. Just how much of the blizzard conditions and where the heaviest snow falls is still to be determined. Despite the uncertainties and the risk that this may simply end up a moderate snowfall, we feel it holds enough potential that you should be prepared for multiple hazards as listed above. We will be anxiously watching as the latest data as it pours in this morning and afternoon and we will be updating frequently. We have a detailed look at this storm potential on the website, please stay tuned.

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