Clarkstown Police report rash of counterfeit bills in Nanuet

NEW CITY – The Clarkstown Police Department announced on Monday that they were investigating a spate of incidents which involved counterfeit $100 bills passed at commercial locations around Nanuet.

The first two incidents occurred at locations on Route 59 last week. The first involved a female suspect who passed a counterfeit on January 26 to pay for a balance due at a bank in Nanuet, while the second involved an unknown suspect who passed two of the bills at a gas station.

The third incident took place on North Pascack Road, where a taxi driver was given a counterfeit $100 bill by a male suspect to pay for cab fare on February 1.

Police do not believe the incidents are connected, but are continuing to investigate. They have advised local business-owners and those who handle money to be wary of fakes and encourage them to visit the U.S. Secret Service’s website for a quick instruction on warning signs that might suggest a counterfeit bill.

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