MY FRIENDS DARED ME! 21-year-old attempts crazy stunt at mall, gets injured, arrested

Picture 4The perils of prolonged adolescence and public intoxication were on display at the mall this Sunday, as a 21-year-old responded to a “dare” from friends by jumping off the second story of the mall walkway to the first floor approximately 20 feet below.

The individual, Nicholas DiBlasi, 21, of Park Ridge, NJ was found by Clarkstown PD on the floor “conscious, dazed, and seemingly intoxicated” on the east of the mall near Macy’s according to a police press release.

Police said Diblasi told them that he had jumped over the railing on the second floor on a dare from his friend who had “doubted his resolve to do it.” Diblasi was taken to Nyack Hospital for treatment of injuries, including an injury to his leg. None of the injuries appeared to be serious or life threatening.

Diblasi was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree for his spontaneous jump into a well-trafficked pedestrian area. Diblasi left in custody of Nyack Hospital staff with a return date of February 23 in the Clarkstown Justice Court. No photo is available of Diblasi, police said.

UPDATE— Police now say the friends did not just dare DiBlasi, but bet him $50 that he didn’t have the guts to pull the stunt

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