St. Lawrence shocker: Town of Ramapo promotes “50 Shades”

Town of Ramapo throws weight behind Lafayette Theatre’s smutty “50 Shades” premiere

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.39.57 AMThe Town of Ramapo shockingly sent a press release out Wednesday evening inviting the public to a special sneak preview of BDSM erotica flick “50 Shades of Grey” at the Lafayette Theatre this week. The press release was complete with a warning not to bring whips and chains to the theatre!

The release, sent by town employees Phil Tisi and Jackie Eisen, rationalized that “50 Shades” would be a nice Valentine’s theme for many couples.

One official was willing to speak out against the bizarre press release. Councilman Daniel Friedman said, “I’m not sure what abusive erotica has to do with the Supervisor’s Office, but I look forward to the day when town government becomes focused purely on governing.

“I don’t believe government should be promoting a movie that so many women’s advocacy and domestic violence groups have condemned as glorifying violence against women…I urge everyone to visit to learn more about this national problem.”

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