Likely Republican nominee for sheriff Chief Richard Vasquez endorsed by Rockland COBA

Correction officers say no to their boss Falco

vazquesRepublican favorite for the 2015 Rockland sheriff’s campaign Chief Richard Vasquez received an early season endorsement from Rockland County Correction Officers Benevolent Association on Wednesday, the Rockland County Times learned. COBA represents the largest faction of Sheriff’s Dept. employees with over 150 members.

Vasquez is the chief of the Town of Woodbury PD and a Rockland County resident. The Rockland COBA union reportedly has long been at odds with Sheriff Louis Falco and his predecessor James Kralik.

Vasquez is the favored candidate of Republican leadership including Chairman Lawrence Garvey and County Executive Ed Day, who famously battled with Falco this past budget season. Day attempted to eliminate the Sheriff’s patrol from the county’s budget but to no avail.

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