Brabenec: Assembly must change how it does its business


Today, Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I-Deerpark) joined Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and his Assembly Republican colleagues at a press conference calling for meaningful change to the Assembly rules. After decades of abuse and scandal, its time for an open, accountable and transparent legislature and the only way to make this happen is by changing the way the Assembly conducts its business.

“Under former Speaker Sheldon Silver’s reign, the Assembly operated under a veil of secrecy,” said Brabenec. “But now is a new day and its time for a new, transparent Assembly. The only way we can restore the public trust and get back to work on behalf of our residents is by changing the way our chamber conducts itself.

“We need to institute term limits for legislative leaders, make committee meetings and votes accessible and open to the public and stop stifling good, popular bills simply because they’re not sponsored by an Assembly Democrat.

“By shedding a little light on the Assembly and its processes, only then can we ensure our officials are working for us and not their own interests.”

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