ShopRite of Stony PointTwo Inserra Supermarkets associates from ShopRite of Stony Point – Jennifer Callanan of Stony Point and Mary Gray of Haverstraw – are featured on a special-edition Cheerios box, recognizing their fundraising efforts as part of the annual ShopRite Partners in Caring Cheerios Contest.
During this year’s “Providing Hope to the Hungry”-themed contest, ShopRite associates across six states raised a total of $1.27 million to support regional food banks in communities served by ShopRite stores.

Pictured left to right are Lawrence Inserra, Jr., chairman and CEO of Inserra Supermarkets; Toni Gutter, director of development, Food Bank Hudson Valley; Joseph Schrammel, manager, ShopRite of Stony Point; Mary Gray, associate; Jennifer Callanan, associate; Paula Klein, director, Rockland County Food Pantry; and Geoff Finn, town supervisor of Stony Point.

General Mills partners with ShopRite in sponsoring the friendly competition, and winning stores also receive cash prizes that are awarded to local food pantries of their choosing. In addition to ShopRite of Stony Point, six other Inserra Supermarkets stores are being recognized for their fundraising efforts.

Inserra Supermarkets is widely acknowledged as a good corporate citizen dedicated to making life better for those in the surrounding neighborhoods in which its stores are located. Philanthropic activities have benefited food pantries and soup kitchens, schools and universities, health and wellness organizations and hospitals, churches and temples, business associations and other non-profit organizations.

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