GasBuddy Alert: Gas price will spike this week


GasBuddy is monitoring wholesale gasoline prices in the NY region and today is noticing a large increase in wholesale gasoline prices due to a switch-over from cheaper winter gasoline to summer gasoline specifications. As summer gasoline begins flowing to retail outlets, it is very likely retail gasoline prices across most areas of the Northeast and East Coast will have risen 10-20c/gal (see note below for specifics) by next week to reflect the higher cost of this gasoline.

Note: The larger increases (closer to 20c/gal) are expected in major metro areas, which require even more stringent summer gasoline (called reformulated gasoline). Smaller increases (10c/gal or so) will be witnessed in communities that do not require the more stringent reformulated summer gasoline (though they are still switching to a type of summer gasoline).

To see counties where the EPA mandates the use of reformulated gasoline, visit

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