To the Editor,

Are all the NY courts like this? The “old boys club of money, power, and connections” seem to be alive and well in the Rockland County Family Court. Is this not a civil rights violation? How can a judge now say to Susan, the children’s mother, “You will terrify your girls; who have not seen you after all these years.” John, his family, and the New York State legal system owe Susan and her girls an apology for depriving them of their mother’s love.

I can’t imagine what fabrications have been  told to the girls to explain why they have no mother present in their lives. Shame on John, shame on his family and shame on the New York State legal system for running roughshod over Susan’s parental rights. At what point will this wonderful woman and her family receive justice? I can’t imagine living my life with a process server constantly at the door. Four years of protective custody and no visitation whatsoever is harassment for Susan and for her family.

What can John possibly be thinking with this abusive behavior. What possible justification could condone this continuing abuse by John, by his parents, and by the Rockland County Family Court? Shame on all of them! In New York money may not buy you love; but thanks to the Rockland County Family Court it does buy you custody.

This is such a travesty of justice and truly appalling. As a mother myself it makes me ill to even think of the disservice that has been done to Susan Carrington and her daughters by men who think they know best, in spite of the truth.

Alida Frey
Newbury, Massachusetts
Friend of the Carrington family


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