Hoehmann Announces Candidacy for Clarkstown Supervisor


Clarkstown Councilman George Hoehmann, today, shocked the Clarkstown Political establishment announcing his candidacy for Clarkstown Supervisor.

Hoehmann spoke to over 150 friends, family & supporters, delivering his message of new leadership, better results and unwavering integrity for Clarkstown.

“Throughout my life, I have used the values instilled in me to work hard, serve people and always do what is right,” said Hoehmann.

Hoehmann continued by speaking to the growing epidemic of public corruption, “Sadly, today, more and more public officials are violating the public’s trust with little respect for what is right and what is wrong.  And even sadder, Clarkstown is no exception.”

Hoehmann pointed to his experience as a member of the Town Council, where he has worked to reign in spending, proposing an alternative budget that curbed spending by $1.8 million.  He also led the charge to consolidate the Receiver of Taxes and Town Clerk positions, prevented the sale of Middlewood, the only town-owned senior citizen complex and implemented a first of its kind, large-scale solar field.

“If we can do this from a seat on the Council, imagine what we can do as Supervisor,” said Hoehmann.

Hoehmann also favors a ward system and has always supported term limits, to protect Clarkstown residents.

“Only through strong leadership will we be able to face the important issues of cutting spending, protecting Clarkstown, and preserving our community by enhanced zoning, Code enforcement and enacting a ward system,” concluded Hoehmann.

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