Police upstate solve case of dead dogs in SUV trunk


Police have solved the case of two dogs seen dead in the trunk area of an SUV at the balloon fest in Poughkeepsie last weekend.

The owner of the animals, Yu Inamoto of New York City, came to the festival with his family and left the animals in the cargo area of his vehicle for about one hour.

When he returned to the vehicle, he discovered the dogs were unconscious and suffering from a heat-related emergency. Inamoto immediately brought the animals to a local emergency animal hospital where they died.

Poughkeepsie Police, who had his license plate thanks to a witness who took a picture of it, contacted Inamoto. He cooperated with the investigation and came to the police department on Tuesday, July 14 where he was charged with a misdemeanor violation of state Agriculture and Markets law in which a person unjustifiably injures or kills an animal.

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