Press Release from the Rockland Business Association

Rockland is the second highest taxed county in the United States. The Rockland Business Association (RBA) wants to know why. To find the answers, the group has commissioned Pattern for Progress, the Hudson Valley’s most notable think tank, to conduct a white paper study of this onerous distinction.

This is not the first time the RBA is partnering with Pattern. In 2012, the two partnered for a study on the county’s budget crisis. That report had significant impact on such areas as the budgeting process, the disposition of the county’s healthcare facility and the county pharmacy.

“This time we will be looking at deeper, more systemic issues,” noted Al Samuels, RBA President/CEO.

“We look forward to once again teaming up with the RBA to explore one of the most difficult issues impacting the residents of Rockland County. The RBA has once again proven their willingness to ‘let the chips fall where they may’ and aid not just their membership but the entire county by having informed discussions,” said Jonathan Drapkin, president and CEO, Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress.

Burt Steinberg, RBA chair, noted that “it is important that the RBA presents critical issues to be discussed and evaluated by the entire community.”

The study is expected to be completed by October.

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