State to repair northern section of Palisades Parkway

New York State has agreed to make needed repairs to the long-neglected North Rockland section of the Palisades Parkway, filling in holes and repaving the degraded road from Exit 13 in Haverstraw to the Bear Mountain Traffic Circle.

The repairs, which will begin in the fall, will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the section of the Parkway between the Visitors Center and the traffic circle will be milled and resurfaced. At the same time, a section of Route 6 in Orange County between Route 293 and the Parkway will be repaved and fitted with rumble strips to prevent head-on collisions in the narrow roadway.

After the first phase, which is expected to be completed by year’s end, repaving and pothole repair will begin in North Rockland. Construction is expected to begin with concrete spot repairs in the Spring and continue into Fall 2016.

As recent winters dug deep, perilous craters into the road, pressure has been mounting for the state to take initiative on the Parkway. There are no current plans for repairs to the Rockland section of the Parkway between Exit 13 and the state line, though New Jersey recently completed its own repairs after a similar swell in public demand.

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