To the Editor:

In the spirit of Rosh Hashanah, Get Up, Stand Up: East Ramapo has composed a New Year’s Wish-list:

1. A thorough forensic audit of the district’s finances is conducted.
2. All board members are removed from office due to their reckless malfeasance – and are investigated by the Federal government.
3. Dr. Klein finally resigns.
4. Cathy Russell is removed from office following allegations of her complicity in withholding public information and routinely violating Freedom of Information Law.
5. Israel Bier is removed from office due to his involvement, as treasurer, in the district’s finances.
6. All tax-paying residents of the ERCSD community are given the right to vote – regardless of immigration status.
7. A new board is elected that is fairly representative of the community which it serves.
8. We close the door on this horribly unjust period in East Ramapo’s history and start anew with an equality of education for all students. Those held responsible for robbing the education of thousands of students are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

May the New Year bring us only health and happiness.

Shanah tovah,

Eric Grossfeld
Co-Founder – Get Up, Stand Up: East Ramapo

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