To the Editor,

We are registered Democrats with a longstanding commitment to our party, its principles and its candidates.  Nevertheless, on November 3, 2015, we intend to vote for Christopher Carey, the Republican candidate for Rockland County Legislator in the Ninth Legislative District. We have made this decision because we believe that Thomas Ninan, the Democratic candidate, does not have the requisite capacity to succeed at this job.

Thomas Ninan was a Trustee of the New City Library between 2008 and 2013 and, for a great portion of that time, served as its President. His tenure on the Board was a period of extreme chaos. His conduct and destructive actions instigated discord at the library and the neglect of the library and its patrons. Instead of striving for consensus and the resolution of conflict, he consistently did the opposite and made bad situations worse. For the first time in the history of the library, Board meetings received extensive coverage in the Rockland Journal News because of the turmoil. We are deeply concerned that as a member of the County Legislature he will do the same — something Rockland County cannot afford.

In good conscience, we cannot support the Democrat, Thomas Ninan, for County Legislator and we hope Democrats in the Ninth Legislative Districtwon’t either.


Jeffrey Greenberg
Ed Kallen

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