Statement from Richard Diaz, Democratic candidate for Legislature, about the Congers Pool

Today, my neighbors and I received a troubling political flyer about the possible closing of the Congers pool. This is the very same pool my family and I have enjoyed for the past nineteen years. Wanting verification, I reviewed the official meeting minutes of the 9/18/2014 Clarkstown Parks Board and Recreation Commission Workshop. I discovered that the information being reported in the campaign flyer was true! Closing the pool, as incredible as it sounds, was considered by some members of the Clarkstown Parks Board and Recreation Commission. Republican Vice-Chairman Phil DeGaetano and Republican County Legislator Lon Hofstein had suggested the pool be closed and the space converted to a spray park.

To make matters even worse, my District 11 opponent for the Legislature, in a Facebook post, is egregiously placing the blame for the suggestion on Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jo Anne Pederson. It is beyond reckless and irresponsible for anyone to post blatant misstatements of the facts. People running for public office should do their homework before erroneously placing blame on others.

I will work to ensure that this issue does not come up again, and that this valuable community asset will remain open for my constituents, the families of Clarkstown.

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