Thruway Authority ED steps down

Thruway Authority Executive Director Robert L. Megna will step down from his current position in mid-January and take a position as the senior VP for Finance and Administration at Stony Brook University.

Governor Cuomo is expected to nominate Mr. Megna to fill a vacancy on the Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation Board of Directors (subject to Senate confirmation).

Statement from Robert L. Megna:

“After two decades in state government, I will be stepping down in mid-January to join Stony Brook University as its Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the dedicated staff members of the Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation. Without them, the Thruway Authority would not be in the process of building one of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation while also keeping one of the busiest superhighways safe for its motorists, and New York’s canals would not be a destination for visitors from all over the world.”

The Thruway Authority is in charge of the New TZ project spanning Nyack to Tarrytown.

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