Senator Carlucci Rallies with Mental Health Advocates to Call for Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund


Senator David Carlucci (D–Rockland/Westchester) was joined Tuesday by Stephanie Madison, president of the Mental Health Association of Rockland, Glenn Liebman, CEO of the Mental Health Association of New York State, and community advocates to urge Governor Cuomo to sign bill S.632A into law, sponsored by Carlucci.

Senator Carlucci’s bill would create the “Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund,” which would provide an easy way for New Yorkers to support essential mental health educational programs and services. Funded by a tax check-off box that would appear on New York State income tax forms, the “Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund” would contribute to critical programs that work to eliminate mental health stigma and lead to a better understanding of mental illness by all.

To raise awareness of this vital fund and encourage supporters, Senator Carlucci has launched an online petition to urge Governor Cuomo to sign this important legislation into law. Supporters can also use the hashtag #FightMHStigma on Twitter and Facebook to ensure their voices are heard.

“Stigmas associated with mental illness have resulted in feelings of embarrassment and denial that prevent those in need of treatment from receiving it. No one should ever be ashamed of having mental illness, and I am calling on Governor Cuomo to sign this bill into law. By signing, New Yorkers can directly help end these stigmas by making a tax-free donation that will fund mental health public awareness campaigns across the state. I want to commend the Mental Health Association of New York State and the Mental Health Association of Rockland for their advocacy on this important piece of legislation and all those who made their voices heard in Albany,” said Senator Carlucci.

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