Houses Like Nowhere Else in the World


Traphagen-Budke house before recent changes

Jersey Dutch Sandstone Colonial homes are exclusive to the Rockland/Bergen area, an outgrowth from cultural influences of the original settlers in Rockland.

The Traphagen Vanderbilt-Budke is one of those homes. At the behest of Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner, Tim Adriance spoke at Clarkstown’s Town Board Workshop meeting on December 1 about the history and importance of preserving this home.

Significant elements have been removed from the house, explained Adriance, such as doors and windows. He said that they can replicate and replace these items to keep the house looking like its original form. They need to itemize the critical threats to the building and work in the direction of where they need to go from there. A comprehensive historic structure report will need to be created as a path for moving forward. The plan is to have that done in the next four months.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Mr. Adriance involved,” said Bert Dahm, the president of the Heritage of West Nyack. “We need this report for professional guidance and as a road map.”

Dahm explained how having the report would help to convince donors to get involved in restoring the historic house. He said they’ve been getting interest from the Vanderbilt family after giving them the facts and history. The family has the money to help, as long as they feel it’s worth doing.

“We pledge to make an aggressive effort and to provide Clarkstown with a historic element. I urge you to approve this and get it moving quickly,” said Dahm.

Hausner thanked Bert for the temporary fixes he has made to the house to keep it safe and for reaching out to the Vanderbilt family. She and the historical board are asking to allocate $9000 for structural repairs. They also plan to put together fundraising packets to get others to contribute.

“If we take the first steps, then others will get involved,” said Hausner.

The other board members agreed it sounded like a good plan.

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