Senator David Carlucci:

“It puts a stain on the whole political process and erodes trust….We need to ban outside income for state lawmakers to get rid of those conflicts. This is the best chance for limiting and trying to root out pay to play culture.”

Links to Senator Carlucci’s bills to ban outside income and to mandate pension forfeiture for corrupt pols:

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski:

“The facts surrounding the Skelos/Silver indictments and Silver conviction are extremely disturbing. Over the past two sessions, the Legislature responded to the arrests of legislators including Silver by passing ethics reform bills that enhanced corruption penalties, created new crimes and mandated increased disclosure of outside income. I believe the Legislature can go further and we must make ethics reform the top priority of next year’s agenda. The Assembly has passed a bill that closes the LLC loophole and next year the Senate must follow suit to ensure this common sense reform becomes law. The constitutional amendment for pension forfeiture must be brought before the voters as soon as possible. Lastly, I expect to introduce legislation shortly that will further restrict outside income.”

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec:

“Mr. Silver profited from breaking the law and the public trust. His conviction is deserved and further proof that we need stronger ethics laws for our elected officials.  The Republican Conference has been pushing for much needed reform for quite a while. Albany better wake up and smell the coffee.”

Assemblyman James Skoufis:

“The jury has clearly spoken and the Legislature must now move on the common sense ethics reforms of closing the egregious LLC campaign finance loophole and passing legislation that strips public pensions away from criminal politicians.  Likewise, I remain focused on the important issues facing residents in the Hudson Valley and across the state, such as providing a quality education for our children, reducing the middle-class tax burden, and supporting our veterans, as well as investing in our infrastructure and economy.”

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