Senator Carlucci Joins Advocates to Urge the State Commissioner of Health Make Naloxone Available Over the Counter

Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) joined pharmacists and health care advocates on Wednesday to urge Naloxone be made available over the counter, through a standing order issued by the State Commissioner of Health.

It was recently announced that Naloxone will be made available over the counter without a prescription in New York City pharmacies. While Senator Carlucci applauds this announcement, he strongly believes a New Yorkers’ ability to obtain this life saving drug should not depend on where they live. Senator Carlucci has repeatedly called on the State Commissioner of Health to issue a standing order making Naloxone available without a prescription statewide immediately.

Carlucci said New York State needs to follow the lead of New York City and 14 other states by giving New Yorkers at risk of losing their lives to this epidemic the ability to access Naloxone.

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