Legislature Votes to Override All 22 of County Executive’s Line-Item Vetoes


The Rockland County Legislature voted tonight to override all 22 of County Executive Ed Day’s line-item vetoes.

Legislators voted 13-3 to override the vetoes of 13 full-time-equivalent security positions.

Legislators also voted 12-4 to override the vetoes of six county Finance Department positions.

With the overrides, the Legislature’s amended version of the 2016 County Budget, a compromise spending plan cut in a bipartisan deal between some Legislators and Day, takes effect Jan. 1.

The property tax increase for 2016 is about 9.86 percent, amounting to about $8 per month. Day’s vetoes would have put the increase at about 8.61 percent. Day’s original budget plan raised taxes about 5 percent.

“This has been a long and detailed process as we sought to ensure adequate funding for county operations in 2016,” Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe said.

Day commented, “Sheriff Falco was advised on October 1, 2015 to prepare a plan to provide armed security, utilizing Sheriff’s Department personnel, in all county buildings and properties in the new year. No plan was ever submitted.

“Following the Legislature’s actions on Tuesday night, I have directed Sheriff Falco to use his professional skills to immediately develop and implement a plan which incorporates armed security with Sheriff’s Department personnel to patrol county facilities, starting January 1, 2016.

“The Legislature’s decision to restore jobs for which there will be no work next year is preposterous. This misguided move only crystalizes the political madness of the some legislators, while highlighting the efforts of my administration to restore responsible leadership to county government.

“The vetoes I submitted protected our taxpayers and enhanced safety and security at all county facilities.  The legislature’s decision to override all of them demonstrates irrationality, blatant political chicanery and a complete waste of county resources.”

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