Shades Rep Theatre, Haverstraw Preparing for 2016, Celebrating Black History Month


Shotaway_Title_PictureShades Rep Theatre CEO Samuel Harps has written an intriguing play about the African Globe Theater, the first all-black theater company founded in Lower Manhattan in 1821. Harps’ two-act drama, directed by Mel Hancock, chronicles the theater company’s struggle to perform Othello with an all-black cast, while the popular all-white Park Theatre is planning to perform the same production a few blocks away.

The play to be presented February 18, 19 and 20 all at 8 p.m. at Shades Theater, New Main and Hudson Avenue in Haverstraw is entitled “The Dearth of King Shotaway.” Harps said it is a “true testament to the strength of the creative spirit.”

In the cast are Rabiem Wilson Morgan, Sheldon Roberts, Doria E. Hillsman, Jelanie Jeffries, Morose Leonard, Habbibah Beaton, Edward Presume, Ron Schnitther, Mark Herman, Jim Coakley, Richard Troiano, Doreen Gallucci, Set Ginsberg and Toni Irech. Information and advance tickets at 845-675-8044 or

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