The County Executive’s Corner: A Year Of Promise

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day

As we usher in 2016, I think back on the past year – the challenges we faced and the successes we experienced as a county. We made some extremely difficult decisions to continue our course toward financial prosperity. We cut expenses. We controlled personnel costs. We reduced borrowing. We’ve returned responsible spending to county government.

In 2015, our people continued to do more with less. As we commence the New Year, I want to express my utmost gratitude to all members of the County’s workforce for supporting my administration’s efforts to closely manage budgets and expenditures. Through their tireless efforts and contributions, we have been able to save millions, pay down debt and invest in our County’s core needs.

We have streamlined operations, reduced costs and faced problems head on. We have achieved three upgrades by the major rating agencies. We’re working hard every day to reorganize this government so that it’s accountable, responsive and responsible.

In 2016, we will continue an aggressive agenda for change led by an administration that says what it means, means what is says and makes good on its promises to the people. We’ve gone out into the community, we’ve spoken with residents and we hear your calls for good government and a better quality of life. In the months ahead, let’s look out for one another and make Rockland County stronger than it’s ever been. Let’s stand by one another to turn every adversity into accomplishment.

Serving you has been an honor; every opportunity to make your lives better has been a privilege and a gift. The New Year is a blank slate full of possibility. It is a time to look back and rejoice in what we have accomplished. And it is a time to look forward, with hope and optimism. I have never been more inspired to fight for change and pursue every promise to make Rockland County better for us and for generations of Rocklanders to come.

On behalf of the County of Rockland, I wish all local residents a very happy and healthy New Year.

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