Rockland County Sheriff cautions residents about a recent phone scam


Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco III wants to inform Rockland County residents about a telephone scam that was attempted recently on a Nyack resident, regarding the arrest of a family member and a request for bail.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a complaint in regard to someone calling a resident and representing themselves as a member of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the individual that a family member had been arrested in Rockland County and that they would be taken to the County Jail, unless bail was provided over the phone. Thankfully, the individual identified the call as suspicious and did not make any payment. The individual’s suspicion was validated when the family member returned home a short time later.

In the past some of these fraudulent calls have apparently used software to spoof the Sheriff’s Office main number, so that the number 845-638-5400 appears on the caller ID. The Sheriff would like all residents to know that the Sheriff’s Office never calls and requests monetary payment for bail over the phone and that bail is only accepted at the Sheriff’s Headquarters, or the Correctional Facility. Anyone that has received a similar call  is asked to report to the Sheriff’s Office as soon as possible.

Residents wanting to provide further assistance can also attempt to trace the incoming call by hanging up and dialing *57. After receiving a call you want to trace, hang up the receiver to end the call. Pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone. You must trace the call before another call is received. Press *57 and follow the voice-recorded instructions. Stay on the line and listen for a recording that tells you if Call Trace was activated and if the call was successfully traced. Once you have successfully traced the call contact your local law enforcement agency and obtain a complaint number.

Anyone with information in regard to this fraud is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 845-638-5401.

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