Brega faces lawsuit for broadside bus crash that claimed one life and injured four more

A horrifying accident in May 2015 that saw a Brega Transport bus contracted to Camp Venture broadside an ambulette at an intersection on Rt. 303 leading into the Palisades Center Maill, has finally led to a lawsuit by one of the surviving parties. No lawsuit has yet been filed by members of the family of the deceased passenger in the ambulette, but time remains.

The lawsuit, filed by Jean Saintilme, claims he sustained “severe, permanent and personal injuries” to over a dozen parts of his body, including burns, lacerations, nerve damage and worse.

He names the driver of the vehicle Marie Morisset as a co-defendant, whom he says is entirely responsible for the accident due to “negligence.”

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of issues facing Brega Transport. Many claim the company bit off more than it could chew when it won the county’s mass transit contract.

The lawsuit did not specify damages being sought, only stating they were above the jurisdictional levels of lower courts.

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