Judge Kevin Russo announces candidacy for Rockland County Court

Incumbent Village Justice of West Haverstraw Kevin F. Russo declared his candidacy for Rockland County Court Judge earlier this month.

“During my two terms as the Village Justice for West Haverstraw I gained an understanding of the complexities of the court system including its capabilities and limitations,” Russo boasted. “I believe that I have conducted myself as a fair minded jurist and I think that the vast majority of attorneys and litigants who have appeared in my Court would agree that we run our court efficiently.”

Further elucidating his qualifications, Russo tated, “A Rockland County Court Judge should be a neutral and fair minded arbiter of the cases that are brought before the Court. In my role as a judge, it is important that we must protect our citizen’s constitutional guarantees while keeping in mind the importance of the role of the prosecution and law enforcement communities.

“I grew up in Rockland County and have been a resident of Rockland County for 50 years. I believe my judicial experience along with my skills and perspectives, gained from my 25 years of legal experience make me a qualified candidate for the position. The issues before us are important. The criminal justice system is critical to our society and I believe I have the sound judgment to do the job that is needed in the position. I hope to follow in the footsteps of the great jurists of Rockland County who preceded me.”

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