Day marks half-way point in first term with “half-time” fundraiser


politicalwivesCapitalizing on the upcoming Super Bowl, County Executive Ed Day decided to make football a theme of his recent “half-time” fundraiser at the Nyack Seaport. It’s about half-way through Day’s first term as county executive.

Day was thrilled with the turnout for the part. He said on social media the following day, “A huge “Thank You” to the 250-plus..who came out to support the direction we have charted out for Rockland County.

daywithcolorguarddirectorThe belief and fervor of the crowd was amazing and we all enjoyed the theme “Coach Ed Day’s Half Time Party,” where stadium gear was the uniform of the day…not a suit or gown to be found! Special thanks to the Nyack Seaport, Rockin’s Richie Lea, Phil Costa, and the East Ramapo Marching Band who made an appearance that rocked the room!”

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