Superior Technology Broadens Horizons to Bring Health to the Table


Diane CookingWhen Diane Hoch started The Food Evolution, her goals were simple: Inspire others to eat healthily and give them the tools to do so.  Over a decade later, Diane continues to have an impact on her community and beyond through online-based recipes and meal plans, vegetarian cooking classes, private supermarket tours and nutritional counseling, and “corporate challenges” in businesses across the country.

Diane believes that plant-based seasonal and local foods have a substantial impact on health, weight, and energy, and that healthful food has the power of medicine. Diane’s dedication to health, wellness, and nutritious food inspired her to create a beautiful website – however, she felt that her messaging was not reaching enough of the population that would benefit from the content she worked so hard to create.

Pearl River, NY-based Superior Technology Solutions began working with Diane to increase the reach of her website, and ultimately, increase profitability of The Food Evolution.

Before Hoch began working with Superior Technology, she spent hours posting blog entries, recipes and videos on her website – but frustratingly, customers were not finding her. Superior began their work by focusing on the SEO of Diane’s website, increasing its reach and tailoring it to reach the right audience. Today, Diane and her team receive phone calls on which potential customers explain, “I found you online.”

Diane shares, “I love working with the whole Superior Technology team. I never question that they’ll do what they say they’re going to do. Everyone in their office is fair and honest.”

Superior Technology handled several IT challenges for The Food Evolution including migration of DNS services and website hosting to a cloud-based provider, migration of legacy email server to a cloud-based Business Class service, and the troubleshooting of LAN & WiFi network connectivity.

In addition to working on the website SEO and managing IT projects, Superior will also create dynamic webpages for companies that utilize the corporate challenge initiative. The Food Evolution’s corporate wellness challenges are designed to optimize employee health and productivity through nutritional education and cooking instruction. The challenge is comprised of a ten-week video tutorial series whereas each employee is tasked with making the same healthy recipe – and sharing the results online with anecdotes and stories. Its corporate initiatives encourage team building through pages similar to a company’s own internal social media site, created by Diane with the support of Superior Technology.

Of working with Superior, Hoch shares, “I know that they can create things for me and I trust them to build what I need. I can go into a big company and say ‘yes, I can scale’ because I know with confidence I can do what they need…because Superior can do that for me. I have not had that before from any other IT team, and I have had 5 other IT companies do work for me.”

Superior Technology President John Luludis states, “We are proud to work with The Food Evolution. Diane’s passion for what she does and for helping others is clear – and we are delighted we can optimize her business’s IT solutions and support their wellness initiatives.”

Hoch’s goals remain the same that they were since she began The Food Evolution – inspire others to nourish their bodies healthily. The only difference today is that she can place all of her focus on what she knows and loves – food.

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