meleIn the wake of the FBI raids in the Town on Ramapo this week aimed at yeshivas who allegedly misused federal grant monies, the community with awash in reaction and opinion. Local political candidate, activist and publisher of the Rockland Voice offered his two cents, putting the lack of high profile collars in perspective to the news leak reported on News12 last week.
Said Mele on his social media message board:
“Ok.. Here is what I have found out so far. Don’t shoot the messenger. For those in the know and who thought how this thing just did not make sense:
1. The News 12report made no sense. It was not a scoop. It was a leak.
2. Many asked themselves, why would News12 warn the perps that a raid was coming if not to help the perps? There was no scoop.. scoop what? That was a decision to warn the perps who are long gone on flights to Zurich and Belgium by now. If News12 warned a pedophile ring they were going to be raided and they all escaped would that be good journalistic reporting?
3. The leak reveals two things. There is a plant inside the investigation and a collaborator at News 12. It also explains the strenuous denial of collusion or pre-knowledge by DA Zugibe on all media.
4. No arrest have been made. This is the service of a general search warrant not arrest warrants. What, 3 more years of investigating? It was three years or more that the same warrants were served at Ramapo Town Hall. The invasion of Europe WW2 took less time.
5. This shows us that the obstructions are deep inside the system. Leakers in the investigation and collaborators in our local news media.”

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