COPS: Prominent Ramapo resident arrested in murder conspiracy!

Ramapo PD has alerted the public that a “well known” town resident is one of two persons arrested on murder conspiracy in the second degree charges. Police said more information will be made available at a 1 p.m. press conference at police headquarters.

Other charges against the two defendants include three counts of criminal solicitation and two additional charges of conspiracy in the fourth degree. The plot was busted up before a murder attempt actually took place.

UPDATE: Police have leaked that the case involves a local podiatrist, Ira Bernstein, and his girlfriend, Kelly Myzner, who allegedly sought to kill his wife and assault two health care investigators looking into his business.

Myzner made headlines in 2014 due to fallout over her child custody case, which she alleged was biased against her for political and religious reasons. The case, handled by Judge Sherri Eisenpress, became a flashpoint for those alleging  custody cases amongst the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox community were unfairly biased in favor of parents wishing to remain within the faith and against those who left the faith. Myzner was raised within Reform Judaism, but had converted to the Satmar sect upon marrying Guillermo Gribeluk.

Myzner had been employed by Bernstein at Rockland and Bergen Medi Spa and Wellness Center in Bardonia.


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