Fragments of Imagination: A Vignette of Repsychling

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Rockland Center for the Arts announced its latest exhibition: “Fragments of Imagination: A Vignette of Repsychling.”

This is the fourth stop of Repsychling, the third major exhibition of An Inclusive World Project from COPE NYC, on view February 19 – April 23, 2017 at ROCA in West Nyack. Repsychling, curated by Vida Sabbaghi, introduces artists who explore unusual materials in their art.

Contributing artists Mark Khaisman, Will Kurtz, Sui Park, and Federico Uribe are known for their imaginative use of repetition, recycling, and repurposing. Will Kurtz forms realistic figures from newspapers, magically morphing his chosen material into skin, fabric, and hair. Newspaper is his medium of choice because it gives a raw, imperfect ephemeral presence. The artist selects and creates uncommon characters that have a distinct emotive quality.

Ukraine born Mark Khaisman composes portraits of Film Noir stars by layering translucent packaging tape onto clear backlit Plexiglas panels. Works are categorized into several archetypal groups: fragmented Hollywood rags, film noir stills, and iconic objects of prestige from art history and pop culture.

Federico Uribe, originally from Bogota and now living in Miami, multiplies the most common tool for creating two dimensional artworks — the pencil — into the building blocks of his large-scale sculptures and collage sculptures, which bristle with a kind of staccato energy. His sculptures are not sculpted but constructed and woven, in curious, unpredictable, and repetitive, almost compulsive, ways.

Sui Park’s  work involves creating 3-dimensional organic forms mostly in generic and biomorphic shapes. They represent transitions and transformations in nature. Moreover, through these shapes I attempt to express seemingly static yet dynamic characteristics of our evolving lives. They are to capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories and expectations.  The organic forms are made with mass-produced industrial materials, in particular Monofilament and Cable Ties. They are non –durable, disposable, inexpensive and easily consumed. However, I weave, connect and transform them into long-lasting visualizations via evoking and encapsulating our precious moments.

Numeracy and materials are recurring themes throughout Fragments of Imagination: A Vignette of Repsychling. The use of materials by the artists demonstrates how the medium itself can extend and reinvigorate the subject matter in ways that allow for a deeper understanding. The medium enables the artists to take their creativity to a higher level.

Also on view, Art Changes Things: Activism in Art, an exhibit that transcends boundaries as an empowering agent of change, presenting work that challenges notions of class.  These artist respond to social injustice and environmental issues while using their art as a weapon to bring to the forefront issues they’re most passionate about, bringing about community healing and change.

The exhibits will be on view February 19 through April 23, 2017, with an opening reception on Sunday, Feb. 19, 1-4 p.m.  Rockland Center for the Arts is located at 27 S. Greenbush Rd., West Nyack, NY.  Gallery hours are:  Mon-Fri 10-4 p.m.; Sat and Sun 1-4 p.m.  For more information visit or call 845-358-0877.

RoCA’s programs are made possible, in part, with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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