Senate Takes Action to Strip Convicted Public Officials of Pensions

CARLUCCI PRESS RELEASE – During Monday’s Senate session in Albany, Senator Carlucci voted with an overwhelming majority to strip convicted public officials of their pensions and released a statement following the vote. Carlucci has supported the bill since his first day in office.

“Politicians should not be allowed to receive any type of sweetheart public pensions from the same taxpayers they swindled.  Those that commit wrongdoing should be held accountable. I continue to believe that public corruption, no matter whose side of the aisle it occurs on, is inherently wrong and cannot be tolerated.  By instituting tougher punishments like pension forfeiture, we will create more of a dis-incentive for the bad actors that may still be in office.  The rampant corruption in Albany is extremely frustrating but taking a step like this is a step in the right direction.”

This is the second time the Senate has passed this legislation.  With the Assembly’s second passage, it will be on November’s general election ballot as a constitutional amendment for voters to evaluate.

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