Republican Chris Day has officially announced his candidacy for the 2017 Orangetown supervisor race. He is the prohibitive favorite, although Democrats are making noise that Thom Kleiner will triumphantly return to politics to fight for the position.

Day, who grew up in Clarkstown and moved to Orangetown with his wife and young children three years ago, portrayed himself as the defender Orangetown’s values and future. He said the community was “under seige” by unknown developers and property owners gobbling up land under anonymous LLCs.

Day may have to face a primary challenger in 2016 GOP State Senate candidate Tom DePrisco, a former NYPD officer who had some level of falling out with the GOP leadership during his campaign against David Carlucci. DePrisco told the Rockland County Times he was considering running but has yet to make up his mind.

Carlucci is noted for his ability to make crafty deals with Republicans, thus neutering party leadership’s incentive to campaign against him in a district the GOP finds virtually unwinnable anyway. This typically angers GOP candidates running against Carlucci.

Day was the 2014 GOP candidate against Congresswoman Nita Lowey and is the son of Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

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