Albany Wants to Take NY’s Huge Tax Bill Viral

Reclaim New York offered the following statement in reaction to the state legislature’s joint hearing on taxes in the Governor’s budget proposal:

“If New Yorkers put any stake in the governor’s “middle-class tax reform” promises from his State of the State tour, the Legislature’s hearing today shattered that. It was like watching the wolves decide which sheep they want to eat for dinner.

“The costly list of taxes discussed, from fees, to vaping taxes, to the ‘millionaire’s tax,’ would do nothing but make New York’s 49th-ranked business climate more harsh.

“Worst of all is the governor’s plan to take Albany’s addiction to taxpayer dollars online. His Internet sales tax expansion is a dangerous policy that would only make everyday life more expensive for New Yorkers crushed under the second-highest cost of living in the country.

“This revenue grab will cost $136 million and counting. Its broad consequences will spread like a virus. It doesn’t care about pesky things like federal law as it grabs for cash from small online business owners. And, it could have New York’s online businesses fighting off tax authorities from California to Illinois.

“If the governor gets his way here, you’ll never be able to escape New York.”
Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3 seeking a better New York

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