Dinner is Served

By Col. Andrew J. Smith 

This month I decided to report on a place which has been on my list for some time, namely, the Fireside Steak Pub on Route 9W in Stony Point. It is owned and operated by the Javanese family who are lifelong Stony Pointers and always helpful and supportive of the community. My waiter was Kenny whom I’ve known from the community for quite some time, who served me promptly and attentively. Having eaten there before I was familiar with the menu but I just could not resist the filet of sole with French fries and cole slaw. I started out with my predictable seltzer with lemon and chose the mozzarella sticks as an appetizer. I asked for some honey mustard dressing in addition to the marinara sauce which was not a problem. I was brought some bread along with the appetizer and dug in. I have to say that the batter was nicely golden brown just enough to be crispy while the cheese was the perfect texture. This is a hard balancing act as often they are cooked too much and hard on the outside with the cheese becoming too liquid, but these were spot on perfect.

I had just finished the preliminaries when my main course arrived. The fries were not just fries but actual steak fries which are larger and were nice and crispy. The two pieces of sole were very nicely sized and battered, and fried to a delicate crispness with the fish being nice and flaky inside. This too is a difficult balancing act as not just anybody can get it just right as they did here. I enjoyed it greatly and sent my compliments to the chef. As always at that location, I was not disappointed.

I can add for the family dining experience, the bar is separated from the dining area by a divider and thus the bar chatter did not leak over into my quiet sanctuary overlooking the Hudson River. The bill came to $21.75 plus tip which is well worth it. So, as always, I gladly recommend the Fireside Steak and Pub a pleasant and satisfying place to dine.

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