Celebrating Indian-American Heritage Month

Legislator Paul: ‘Proud To Be Part Of Our  Diverse Rockland County Community’
Legislators Aney Paul and Toney L. Earl recognized young tabla drum students for their performance during a celebration marking Indian-American Heritage Month in Rockland and New York state. The players included Rohan Sonakya, Aayan Krishan, Aman Shetty and Om Naik.

New City, NY (Aug. 4, 2017)  Rockland County Legislator Aney Paul and her colleagues on the board are celebrating Indian-American Heritage Month, which continues this month with a parade on Main Street in New City.

“Rockland County enjoys a rich, vibrant and diverse community and I’m proud to be a part of it and to share some of my heritage with my neighbors,” Legislator Paul said.
The Rockland County Legislature and New York state have declared August as Indian-American Heritage Month in recognition of the contributions of Indian-Americans locally and across the United States.
The Legislature enjoyed a cultural celebration Wednesday, recognizing the India Cultural Society of Rockland and its president, Charu Krishan. Legislator Paul presented her with a proclamation noting Indian-American Heritage Month in Rockland.
Aayan Krishan, Aman Shetty, Rohan Sonakya and Om Naik performed on the table drum. They are disciples of Naren Budhakar the co-director of East West school of Music at Ananda Ashram in Monroe. Their performance was sponsored by the India Cultural Society, which has members from Rockland and Orange Counties, as well as Bergen County, N.J.
The tabla is a South Asian membranophone percussion instrument that consists of a pair of drums. It is used in traditional, classical, popular and folk music, and since the 18th century, has been fundamental to the Hindustani music of northern India.
Ponisseril Somasundaran of Piermont, who has an impressive resume of accomplishment in the engineering sciences, technology and education field, was honored by Legislature for his professional and civic work. He is a member of the Piermont Village Zoning Board of Appeals and previously served on the Planning Board. He was formally recognized by Legislators Aney Paul and Toney L. Earl.

Also recognized Wednesday was Dr. Ponisseril Somasundaran, the La Von Duddleson Krumb Professor at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. The Piermont resident has a lengthy and impressive resume of accomplishment in the engineering sciences, technology and education field. He is a member of the Piermont Village Zoning Board of Appeals and previously served on its Planning Board.

“Dr. Somasundaran’s contributions to his chosen field of study as well as his willingness to serve the community through his work with the village deserve to be recognized,” Legislator Paul said.
Legislature Chairman Toney L. Earl joined Paul in presenting awards of recognition to the youths, Krishan and Somasundaran.
“Events such as these highlight our neighbor’s contributions and show all of us that while we may come from different backgrounds, together we can work to better our children, our families and our community here in Rockland County,” Chairman Earl said.
Paul plans to attend the Indian-American Day Parade on Aug. 19 in downtown New City, when she will present a proclamation noting the day and honoring those who helped plan it and those who are celebrating it.
The Indian-American Heritage Month proclamation was sponsored on the state level by Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Senator David Carlucci and signed by Gov. Cuomo. The Rockland proclamation was issued by Chairman Earl.

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