A Safety Awareness Day at the Town Square Mall promoted safe walking, driving and shopping while promoting the Improve59 Coalition’s campaign for state funding to upgrade the infrastructure along Route 59. The Coalition plans to continue its safety campaign through the coming weeks.

A special information booth in the mall featured the Coalition’s plans to improve Route 59, with enlarged renderings illustrating how the current safety issues would be mitigated by the proposed improvements. Residents visiting the mall called for community safety workshops as well as meetings to petition officials for state funding to improve safety along the busy corridor.

In addition, with the goal of the new safety campaign to educate the entire family, safety tips posters and coloring sheets were distributed to the children in attendance.

Improve59’s plan includes widening Route 59 with an additional lane in each direction, creating a bypass road from Route 59 to Saddle River Road, and improving traffic along Route 306 which intersects Route 59. In addition, the plan calls for synchronizing traffic lights, improving the sidewalks, and encouraging safe crossing.

Dozens of local business and organizations have already endorsed the plan including Laborers Union Local and Ironworkers Local 417. Many local leaders have also expressed their support including NYS Assembly Member Karl Brabenec.

“We are working with the political leadership to secure funding for this initiative,” said Ryan Karben, Esq., Improve59 spokesman, “but it is extremely important that members of the community join the initiative as this is really about securing our roads and making our community safer for drivers and pedestrians.”

In a continued effort to improve road safety in the community, Improve59 will be hosting additional events and workshops in the coming weeks to educate residents and secure greater awareness of this important initiative.


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