SCENES OF ROCKLAND: What kind of bug?

This monster mystery bug with scorpion-style fangs was spotted behind the Rockland County Times office in Nanuet on Wednesday. A photo of the bug was shared to RCT’s Facebook page with the query “What kind of bug?” 
The most popular answer was stink bug, with one reader suggesting the photo was actually a “stink bug eating a cricket.” The correct ID of the insect appears to be Lethocerus americanus, a giant waterbug found across North America. 
Lethocerus americanus has several colorful nicknames, including alligator flea, flying scorpion roach, electric light bug and toe-biter. The fangs attached to the critter are not harmless, entomologists warns. The pincers bring a very painful sting, but the good news is they are not poisonous. 

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